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The apprenticeship contract

The foundation stone of our company is laid. Heinrich Fruhen signs his apprenticeship contract as a carpenter. The document, which is over 100 years old, is still in the family. We look back with pleasure and pride on a long tradition.


The business registration

Heinrich Fruhen becomes an entrepreneur and registers a carpenter’s workshop as a business in Viersen. This later became Fruhen Messebau GmbH & Co KG. The original company building on Hoserkirchweg in Viersen still exists today.



If you work hard, you get to enjoy your free time. “Cheers and Waidmannsheil!” in 1928.


Model drawing

Design of a dining room by Anton Fruhen from 1949. In the post-war period, the carpenter’s craftsmanship is in great demand. The Fruhen company has its hands full.


Global company orientation

As early as 1954, Fruhen was one of the pioneers of an international company orientation. For example, the company played a key role in the construction of the German Pavilion at the International Trade Fair in Damascus.


German Industries Pavilion in the same year

Booth 1954

Exhibits were put on display in glass cases.


International awards

Excellent work! A collection of medals from the period 1960 to 1965. Among other things, the participation in the German Industrial Exhibition in Tehran (1960) is acknowledged.


Crossing the equator

Long air journeys have not been commonplace to date. For crossing the equator, each traveler receives a certificate. This was also the case for Anton Fruhen on 11.09.1962.


Air ticket

A German Lufthansa airline ticket from 1965 – filled out by hand at the time. Passenger: Mr. Fruhen, Anton.


Fruhen expands capacities

The company under the management of Heinz and Anton Fruhen moves into the new building of today’s headquarters at Gerberstraße 37 in 41748 Viersen. The old company headquarters has become too small in the meantime.


Fair exhibition in the seventies

The first technical exhibition of the Federal Republic of Germany in Beijing in 1975. The former Gebrüder Fruhen OHG Messe- und Innenausbau is actively involved in the success.


Next Generation

The company is handed over to the third generation. The new managing director is Bernd Fruhen. Over the years, Gebrüder Fruhen OHG Messe- und Innenausbau becomes today’s Fruhen Messebau GmbH & Co KG.


Cairo International Fair

International Fair in Cairo in 1988: the Fruhen company participates and plays a major role in the pavilion of the Federal Republic of Germany.


International Fair in Poland

International Fair 1989 in Poland: Fruhen Messebau GmbH & Co.KG builds the pavilion of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Capacity increase

The capacities at Gerberstraße 37 had to be increased and thus the Fruhen company bought a neighboring building complex.


Enlargement again

The capacity limits have been reached at Gerberstrasse 37. A new warehouse is built and is completed in 2003. The hall is equipped with the latest warehouse technology including high-bay warehouse and forklift technology.


Warehouse extension

Rapid growth requires quick response to growing demand. Five years after its construction, the warehouse had to be enlarged by approx. 1,500 m², to today’s 6,500 m².



Sustainability has always been a top priority. In 2010, the heating system will be converted. A modern wood chip heating system with its own storage silo replaces the old hot water heating system. Since then, all production waste has been used to heat the company.


Fruhen Messebau in its full size

Higher demands, more storage space and office space were needed, good thing that adjacent warehouse with office space was for sale.



Tough times prompt rethinking. From trade show construction to set construction and interior design for private customers. 2 years no fairs! But thanks to the in-house, extensive production, we survived this period and were able to expand our portfolio.


“Back to the roots”

Around 63 trade fairs over 90 exhibition stands and more than 10,000 m² of presentation space, which had to be produced, set up and dismantled in an even shorter time as cancelled trade fairs were made up.

Direct coNtact

We are happy to be there for you personally

For Bernd Fruhen, master carpenter and third-generation managing director of Fruhen Messebau GmbH und Co. KG for over 36 years, the family business is more than “just” a company. Have a word with each other!