Hand in hand

Environmental protection & exhibition stand construction

Sustainable environmental protection is a fundamental issue for generations. We have been aware of this for a long time and we are doing our part as exhibition stand builders. Of course! Our business processes have been audited and certified for sustainability based on a comprehensive catalog of criteria.

Economy, ecology and social issues

These are the strong pillars of sustainability. Good for the environment, good for our corporate success, good for you. Specifically:

✔ Align business processes in an environmentally friendly way.
✔ Use natural resources sparingly.
✔ Ensure a high level of energy efficiency.
✔ Use all economically and socially viable options.
✔ Minimize the impact of our operational activities on the environment.

Grüner unscharfer Hintergrund von Bäumen, zwei Hände halten Glaskugel mit einem kleinen Baum darauf, Nachhaltigkeit


Sustainable Company powered by FAMAB

Look how we save 50,000 liters of heating oil a year! We use wood residues that accumulate during our work to heat our halls on site. This saves additional energy that would otherwise be consumed in the costly disposal process. We don’t even want to talk about the long truck transports and their emissions.

“Anything that is against nature will not last in the long run.”

Charles Darwin


What we are already doing for the environment


Fewer emissions, more efficiency

We have been operating a wood chip heating system since 2010. Daily production residues heat our heating water via a combustion chamber. The heating circuit extends over the entire company premises. In addition to the energy savings, emission levels have been reduced well below the applicable EU limits.

Our high-bay warehouse has highly efficient underfloor heating. The 35 cm thick floor slab serves as a radiator, which uses the supply temperature of 21 °C particularly efficiently and provides the employees with a pleasant room climate.

regional Suppliers

Shorter distances save energy

Whenever possible, we prefer suppliers from the region and keep delivery routes short. In addition, we actively exchange information. As soon as product alternatives with lower emission levels are available, we prefer them.

“Of course I’m interested in the future.
I want to spend the rest of my life in it, after all.”

Charles Darwin